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            52 Language Translator 

English Danish Russian Serbian
German Norwegian Polish Croatian
French Swedish Ukrainian Slovenian
Spanish Finnish Czech Bulgarian
Italian Estonian Slovakian Greek
Portuguese Latvian Hungarian Nepali
Dutch Lithuanian Romanian Laos
Turkish Hindi Thai Shanghainese
Hebrew Malayalam Cambodian Mongolian
Arabic Singhalese Vietnamese Korean
Persian Tamil Malay Japanese
Urdu Bengali Indonesian Chinese
Tibetan Burmese Filipino Cantonese


  • World Time
  • Calculator 
  • 5 Games
  • LCD 86 × 32 dots(4 lines × 14)
  • Viewing size : 60 × 24mm  
  • 2 × AAA Battery (included) 
  • Product size : 112 × 75 × 18mm
  • Weight : 100g

 Word  Translation
       If you want to translate the same word into other languages, press the language keys to view an
       immediate translation for these other languages.
 Phrase Translation
      There are 2,300 phrases in model Comet 52 divided into 16 categories and 147 chapters.
      27,600 phrases (52 languages × 2,300 phrases)

52 Languages Dictionary


 Bengali Bulgarian  Burmese  Cambodian Cantonese Chinese
  Croation     Czech     Danish     Dutch     English   Estonian    Filipino
   Finnish     French    German     Greek     Hebrew      Hindi Hungarian
Indonesian    Italian    Japanese     Korean     Laos   Latvian   Lithuanian
    Malay  Malayalam   Mongolian   Nepali    Norwegian    Persian    Polish
Portuguese Romanian   Russian  Serbian 


Singhalese Slovakian
Slovenian   Spanish     Swedish    Tamil     Thai    Tibetan   Turkish
Ukrainian   Urdu Vietnamese        


  • Over 1,040,000 words (52 languages × about 20,000 words)

     Calculator                                      History
     Local Time                                              World Time
    COMET 52T

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